Exclusive Collection of pure 24 karat gold


AURUM1000 has its origin in a jewellery store

founded in 1976. 

1983 the company added a goldsmith’s atelier 

by Peter Krahn.

Soon there were more stores.

Decades of experience and the love to colours, 

shapes and metals made gold in its purest 

form, fine gold, to his absolute favourite metal. 

In the year 2009 he moves to the Canary 

Islands, more precisely Tenerife. Inspired by 

the island’s nature, he created a new and 

unique collection made out of pure gold 999.9


Bizarre Lava with soft and smooth fine gold, 

or the starry sky made out of radiating 

fine gold with diamonds, or the sun made out

of wrinkled shining fine gold. 

Through the perfection of craftsmanship

he creates unique and unrepeatable 

handmade pieces. 

The technics used by Peter Krahn for each 

single piece leaves noticeable marks of his 


The form and finish shows the force used in

the creation process. It appears as if these 

precious objects were just finished, almost 

as a frozen moment of goldsmith’s art. 

Archaic and yet timeless, a circumstance, 

which put in relation with a wedding ring leads 

to astonishing results. 

The material fine gold 999.9 always is the 

main characteristic of our pieces. 

Values like quality “Made in Germany”, 

reliability, punctuality and individual service 

have been the most important aspects 

at AURUM1000 for over 35 years. 

“My motivation is to create extraordinary 

jewellery for extraordinary people. 

Jewellery that is valuable and meaningful 

throughout time.”l<<


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